Extensive experience developing and managing financial and business applications Experience in managing staff, including areas such as recruiting, training, performance evaluations, and professional development Excellent track record implementing and servicing critical applications Assisted upper level management in the development of long term technical direction and application systems strategies. Conducted thousands of class hours of database, data modeling, programming languages, MQ, and operating system classes for several hundred students, including programmers, DBAs, and end-users. Expert witness with IT~related, multi-million dollar litigation regarding large scale application delivery approaches and project management.   Contributing author, "IT Measurement: Practical Advice from the Experts", Addison Wesley, 2002. Speaker at many conferences such as the Government & Technology Conference (GTC) and the New York State Interdepartmental Conference on Electronic Data Processing (ICEDP). Certified by the International Function Point Users Group as a 'Certified Function Point Specialist'. Former Managing Consultant and Practice Leader for Deloitte & Touche, with accountability in marketing, RFP responses, staff hiring and evaluations, and quality assurance of project deliverables. Post graduate studies in accounting, computer science, management, and microprocessor technology. Other endeavors in the IT industry include teaching computing at the collegiate level and authoring award winning game software. Lifetime member, National Ski Patrol & Otter Ski Patrol [oldest ski patrol in the USA]. NFHS high school varisty soccer official and US Soccer Federation referee. US Soccer certified coach. Appreciative son of a summer Olympic athlete.  

What Customers Have Said about Ron

 "We wish to add you to our list of rocket scientists!"  "We will only award this project to [multinational consulting firm] if Ron Salvador oversees the project."  "One of the best database consultants in the country."  "...great help to me and my section over the past few years. I can't say thanks enough times to express how much I appreciated you sharing your time and experiences with us."  "Whether the question/problem was trouble shooting or making system changes I knew I could always count on your patience and support. You have been a tremendous asset to the department in a very big way."  "My company has not seen this high level of quality work in many years."  "We are going to pay for you to learn this technology because we know that it will be quicker for you to learn it, than for us to hire a contractor already experienced with it. Also, with your track record, you'll produce a lot more than anyone else we could possibly bring in."  "Ron Salvador...produces a prodigious amount of thorough work."  "The most professional consultant our state agency has ever hired."

Client List  [partial]

Private Sector Canada Trust Company, Toronto, Canada Canadian Depository & Securities, Toronto, Canada Colonial Candle of Cape Cod, Toronto, Canada Ernst&Young, Toronto, Canada Imperial Life, Toronto, Canada Insurance Services Organization, Jersey City, New Jersey Matthew Bender and Company, Albany, New York Prentice Hall, Toronto, Canada Sirius Software, Cambridge, Massachusetts Southern New England Telephone, New Haven, Connecticut St. Peter's Hospital, Albany, New York Public Sector Division of Housing and Community Renewal, Albany, New York Department of Environmental Conservation, Albany, New York Erie 1 BOCES, Buffalo, New York Metro Housing Commission, Toronto, Canada Ministry of Education, Toronto, Canada Ministry of Housing, Toronto, Canada New York City Department of Education, New York, New York OCM BOCES, Syracuse, New York Office of General Services, Albany, New York State Education Department, Albany, New York State Department of Taxation & Finance, Albany, New York State Insurance Department, Albany, New York State of Mississippi, Jackson, Mississippi Suffolk County BOCES, Suffolk, New York Westchester County BOCES, Westchester, New York

About Ron J. Salvador

Ambitious information systems for government and private institutions.

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