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Assisted numerous clients across a broad spectrum of business environments. Leadership roles in areas of product selection, administration, customization, project auditing, systems development, tuning and performance, project damage control, function point measurement, and long term technical direction and application strategies. Led successful implementation of ambitious information systems for government and private institutions. Throughout the systems development life cycle, process improvement was affected through quality metrics, analysis, and feedback. Able to understand and simplify multi~dimensional problems and make those problems solvable. Can operate on several levels of activity simultaneously, coordinating complex solutions between systems, applications, managers, and vendors. Major emphasis placed on a multi~disciplinary team approach to the solutions of technical problems. Experienced working with vendors, executives, managers, technicians, and users in the development of robust technical solutions based upon business requirements and objectives. Assisted upper level management in the development of long term technical direction and database application strategies. Conducted thousands of hours of Model 204, general database, function points, data modeling, MQ/Series, JCL, VM, COBOL, and REXX classes for several hundred students, including programmers, analysts, DBAs, and end~users. Expert Witness / Subject Matter Expert work on multimillion dollar litigation. Provided expert opinion on application delivery, project management, industry best practices, project estimation, software measurement, damage calculations, technical architecture, procurement practices, application development, and RFP preparation. Reviewed the design of systems for clients; some of these systems involved many gigabytes of data and high transaction rates. Technical manager/system architect for major systems. Beta tested database connectivity gateways. Developed cross referencers and dictionary population tools. Monitored and evaluated database performance. Interacted with numerous software vendors and consulting firms.
Profile Moon Brook Hill has interacted with many software vendors and consulting firms, such as collaboration with prime vendors to fulfill MWBE goals.

Why Moon Brook Hill

Desire for Partnership Long relations with clients Proven & prudent approach Independence Modern methods


Experienced in the development of modern web applications and products.  Prudent approach to use of advanced technologies


Proven methods to design, develop, and implement systems.  Independence from predefined solutions; we are not beholden to any vendor ordained products.


Ron has given talks on IT careers to AP Computer Science students of various high schools.
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