Modestly priced onsite customized classes in Model 204 and JCL.

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User Language [UL] Topics

Model 204 Database Overview, The Editor Session, Database Retrieval, User Language Programs, Found Set Operations [Find statement], Complex Database Retrieval, Processing Sets of Field Values, Lists, Sorted Output, Report Headers and Trailers, Computation Variables and Values, Flow of Control, Subroutines, Multiply Occurring Fields, Record/Field Maintenance [add, change, delete], Statement Labels, Dollar Functions, OnLine Screens, Indirect Field References, Dummy Strings In Procedures, List Processing, CrossReference, On Units, Images, etc.

File Manager or Advanced UL Topics

File Types, File Structure, Field Attribures, JCL, Physical Design, Normalization, Batch204 Execution, The Pattern Matcher, File Maintenance, Filemgmt / Dictreport, Dump / Restore, File Monitor / Tune, File Reorganization, Model 204 Run Environments, Procedure Update Units

System Topics

Model 204 Component Overview, Server Overview, Buffer Overview, System Monitoring, System Monitor, Security
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