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Technical Areas

Multiple platform expertise

Science can amuse

and fascinate us all, but

it is engineering that

changes the world.

Isaac Asimov

For a successful

technology, reality must

take precedence over

public relations, for

Nature cannot be


Richard Feynman  


IBM 30XX, IBM 92XX, Sun, IBM and Apple PC's, Tandem


Model 204, IDMS, DB2, Sybase, CICS, CSP, DBASE


SQL, Model 204 User Language, COBOL, HTML, PostScript, REXX, Assembler, BASIC, Visual BASIC, C, FORTRAN, Pascal, PL/1, Exec II, RPG II

Project Tools

Microsoft Project, Timeline  

CASE Tools

Application Development Workbench (ADW), KnowledgewareExcelerator, Index Technology;  Information Engineering Workbench (IEW), Knowledgeware


Yourdon, Spectrum

Mainframe Software

TSO, z/OS, Ezyedit, SAS, IDCAMS, Dyl280, Easytrieve, JCL, VSAM, VM/CMS, VSE, Librarian, Panvalet, Telon, POWER, etc.

PC Software

Web Designer, PDFill, Excel, FrontPage, Word, PowerPoint, Quikbooks, UNIX, VISIO, WordPerfect, Approach, Lotus Notes

Desktop Publishing

Adobe PageMaker, ACDSee, MS Publisher, Adobe Illustrator

Industry Awards and Conference Speaker Selections

Speaker, Government & Technology Conference (GTC East), November 2001; New York State Interdepartmental Conference on Electronic Data Processing (ICEDP), June 1996; International Model 204 Users Conference, May 1994, May 1993; Northeast Model 204 Users Conference, October 2001, April 1995, April 1994, April 1993, April 1992, March 1990; Mid-Atlantic Model 204 Users Conference, October 1994; Northwest Model 204 Users Conference, November 1992. Regular participant in expert panel sessions. Winner, 1992 Richard Award, the annual award conferred by the International Model 204 Users Group for the Most Noteworthy and Innovative Achievement. Past vice president, International Model 204 and MarketPulse Users Group (IMPACT).  Board Member, Northeast Model 204 Users Group.

Technical Papers Presented at Conferences  [partial]

Measure up or stay LOCked in the past: The business of Function Points MQ/Series: A Serious Product Look Before You Leap: The Concealed Costs of Downsizing [link to 'Concealed Costs’ paper (pdf)] The True Costs of Client/Server Systems Using Databases Effectively Extending the Timeline Streamlining the Systems Development Cycle CASE Tools On Trial Effective OnLine Help Systems
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